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Laravel Composable View Composers Package - Increase flexibility and reduce code duplication by easily composing complex View Composers from simple component Composers without unnecessary indirection or boilerplate code.
2014-07-01 23:49:46 composer view laravel views composers viewcomposer viewcomposers MIT 协议

The most advanced laravel package to dynamically display beautiful and elegant alert messages, blockables and notifications on screen. This is built with fluency in mind--meaning, you can chain as many methods as you want. Lots of functionalities are available.

A stand-alone database of Nigeria states and local government manager written for php developers
2018-06-27 05:30:32 MIT 协议

PHPSpec Nyan Formatter Extension
2015-01-15 19:03:54 phpspec nyan MIT 协议

Automatically encrypt and decrypt Eloquent attributes with ease.

A Laravel 4 wrapper for the Twilio PHP SDK.
2014-11-10 19:40:02 sms twilio laravel L4 laravel4

2017-05-26 09:20:45 MIT 协议

2017-09-26 12:09:33 MIT 协议

2017-03-19 10:19:16 MIT 协议

2017-03-19 10:23:41 MIT 协议

Unofficial SalesForce REST API Client
2017-07-19 09:11:27 sales salesforce force GNU 协议

Zend Framework 2 module for better form markup
2018-05-17 19:46:52 MIT 协议

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